This timeline summarizes past and current events. For a detailed run-down of the story backdrop and salient facts, see our story summary.

Events Prior to Corwin's Chronicles

The timeline for these events are given as "approximate number of years before Corwin wakes up in Greenwood".

3000 Beginning of surviving recorded history.
2500 - 3000 Rebma, Lyonesse, Ghenesh and Tanus brought into alliance with Amber. Pathi refuses. No path made to Ghenesh.
2300 Cymnea becomes Queen.
2100 Finndo is born. Osric is born a handful of years later.
2000 Benedict is born.
1800 Incident with Karm and Osric. Finndo and Osric die in a war soon thereafter.
1750 Begma formalizes alliance with Amber
1690 Eric is born. Oberon dissolves his marriage with Cymnea. Faiella becomes Queen.
1675 Corwin is born. (There are no non-Feature PCs who are older than this.)
1550 Deirdre is born. Faiella dies in childbirth.

1500 First defeat of Weirmonken. Battle of Jones Falls. Corwin knights Rein.

1460 Caine is born (the product of a fling between Oberon and Rilga).

1450 Clarissa becomes Queen. Pathi allies with Amber.
1440 Fiona is born.
1430 Bleys is born.
1400 Alhambra forma alliance
1300 Llewella is born (daughter of Oberon and Moins).
1250 Brand is born.
1225 Oberon divorces Clarissa.

1100 Oberon marries Dybele, in shadow. Flora is born. Dybele dies in childbirth.
1095 Rilga becomes Queen. (Timestream complications are involved with Dybele.)

1075 Minos formalizes alliance with Amber
1070 Julian is born.
1020 Gerard is born.
990 Rilga retires to a shrine.

985 Oberon marries Lora in shadow.
980 Delwin is born, and Sand is born just a few years later.
975 Rilga dies.
965 Oberon brings Lora to Amber as his Queen, briefly, but she returns to shadow shortly thereafter.
800 Lora dies.
700 Montevalno encountered, but no formal alliance reached.
625 Paulette becomes Queen.
620 Random is born.
610 Mirelle is born.
590 Paulette commits suicide.
550 Jade forms alliance with Amber.
500 Oberon brings Harla to Amber. She is never formally his Queen.

400 Oberon rapes Deela the Desecratrix. Dalt is born.

350 Second defeat of Weirmonken. Regency of Weirmonken granted to Eric.
225 Kitezh form alliance with Amber
210 Defeat of the Moonriders of Ghenesh. Regency of Ghenesh granted to Corwin. Benedict leaves Amber.
200 Eric dumps Corwin on Shadow Earth, during the reign of Elizabeth I.
180 Cibola forms alliance with Amber.
120 Martin is born. Sinking of much of Lyonesse.
50 Eric sends Flora to Shadow Earth to keep an eye on Corwin.
30 Coral is born (daughter of Oberon and Kinta).
2 Oberon leaves Amber and is not seen again.

Events From the Beginning of Corwin's Chronicles

In the first year after Corwin wakes up in Greenwood, Corwin comes to Amber, Random is sentenced to marry Vialle, Corwin and Bleys stage a failed assault on Amber, Bleys disappears, Corwin is captured, and Eric crowns himself King.

Around three months into Corwin's captivity, Random (who does not complete his year-long sentence in Rebma), walks the Pattern, and tries to kill Eric. He is captured. Vialle petitions to join him, a week later, but Eric does not immediately grant this request. In the second year of Corwin's captivity, Vialle joins Random in prison.

In the third year, Corwin's eyes regenerate. Corwin escapes before the fourth coronation anniversary is reached.

Corwin returns to Amber, with Ganelon and guns, slightly more than five years after he woke up in Greenwood (i.e., about seven years after Oberon's disappearance).

MUSH Chronology

We begin the MUSH at the point of Corwin's return. From here, we switch to a real-world chronology, with IC time equating OOC time at a one-to-one ratio; you can see this in-game with the +date command, with October 23rd, 2007, representing the date of the battle that ends The Guns of Avalon. This chronology includes only major events that everyone would be aware of.

  • October 2007 "Eric ends the battle against the Black Road in a coma (rather than dying, as he does in the books). Corwin is de facto regent. Battle of the Oisen. Brand is rescued from the tower in which he has been imprisoned.
  • January 2008 Black Ice fought in Kitezh, where a new Volcano announces that Gotterdamerung may be approaching. The local outcropping of the Black Road is beaten, and the road seems dormant.
  • March 2008 Corwin is crowned King. Benedict resigns his commission.
  • June 2008 The deterioration of the Golden Circle shadowpaths becomes a significant concern.
  • August 2008 The Black Road lays siege to Amber City while Corwin is away from Amber. The Portafada take advantage of this to conduct their own assault (the "bug invasion"). The Black Road army is driven off (it's the last great Road battle in Amber), but at great cost in lives, and the Lower City is badly damaged by the Portafada assault.
  • September 2008 - Corwin leaves Amber, taking his gunmen but leaving no public instructions or message of abdication; he eventually establishes Banyan, a place at the edge of shadow, before all turns to Chaos. Leviathan (an ancient sea-monster and enemy of Rebma) rises, and his cult returns, but they are eventually defeated.
  • November 2008 Brand becomes regent.
  • March 2009 Brand hands the regency to Julian. Plague is detected along the Ghenesh shadowpath, and dealt with.
  • May 2009 Julian is crowned King. The Black Road invades Pathi, and is repelled with assistance from outside Pathi, but at great cost.
  • September 2009 - The Alhambran necromancer Jabir murders Duke Parris Chantris in a ritual which brings a Blight upon the upper city.
  • October 2009 - Julian goes into shadow to hunt Dara, leaving Llewella as regent. A violent earthquake shakes Rebma, when its Pattern is destroyed.
  • November 2009 Llewella turns the regency over to Deirdre. There is a coup. Random is Regent for three days, and then Benedict crowns himself King.
  • December 2009 Silverspire is sundered from Weirmonken. Julian is rescued.
  • February 2010 Eric is rescued from Order.
  • March 2010 A violent shadowstorm shakes the far reaches of shadow, resulting in widespread cataclysmic destruction. The ripples go all the way to Amber's borders.
  • June 2010 The children of Faiella, led by Corwin, attempt a coup against Benedict. They briefly take the palace, but Caine's agents take it back. Eric and Deirdre steal the physical throne.
  • September 2010 A Silver Rift tied to Tir and Banyan appears in the sky of Amber one night. Corwin threatens another invasion, and Benedict abdicates, leaving Bleys as Regent in Oberon's name. Fiona unanchors the Silver Rift from Amber, but the ritual also disembodies Corwin and Deirdre, leaving them akin to Tir ghosts.
  • October 2010 Fiona repairs / redraws the Pattern in Rebma.
  • November 2010 One of the Great Dragons is seen alive, flying over Amber City.
  • February 2011 A Tir-ghost of Oberon is spotted coming down the steps from Tir, but it vanishes before it can reach Amber. Corwin is betrayed by Gram, and the sword falls into the hands of Mordred, who declares himself master of Banyan.
  • May 2011 A Menhir of Order created by Eric at The Citadel overlooking St. Isaac Twygg Bay in Begma. (this would not be known by everyone.)
  • June 2011 A ritual to return Corwin and Deirdre to their bodies is successful, but at the cost of shattering the Pattern in Tir.
  • November 2011 Ragnarok. Kitezh starts burning, after the deaths of its gods.
  • March 2012 The body of Taran Solaris is recovered from Albion. The armour of the Red Knight is placed under guard, but on display until needed again in Lyonesse.
  • July 2012 House Solaris is reabsorbed into House Chantris. A prophecy for the renewal of Lyonesse is made. The wedding of Prince Caine and Lady Maereina.
  • October 2012 The Golden Hunter is Sealed.
  • February 2013 The Menagerie becomes a stable point in the Dreaming. Kaspar declares himself Ulfric of Weirmonken.
  • March 2013 Martin's coronation as Regent of Rebma.
  • June 2013 The Fomori, long thought extinct, are seen again in Lyonesse.
  • August 2013 Random takes the throne in Amber. The Gilded Steel Lodge opens in Eastgate.
  • September 2013 The Black Road gains a new base in Ascolat. (Like the order menhir, this would not be known by everyone.)
  • November 2013 Gerard slays the fire giant Surtr in what is left of Kitezh. Kitezh sinks beneath the waves.
  • December 2013 Amethyst acknowledged as Princess of Amber by King Random. A zombie Bleys somehow loose in Amber Lower City.
  • January 2014 A new land rises where once Kitezh was.
  • February 2014 The birth of the Bloodwood in Arden.
  • March 2014 The City of Doors is Sanctioned by House Karm. A prophecy of Princess Faiella's rise to power leading to doom and destruction.
  • June 2014 The Kites return to the now risen land that once was Kitezh.
  • September 2014 A tsunami strikes Amber. Benedict walks the pattern in Rebma and dies.
  • October 2015 Quina becomes Duchess Mandrake, when Celeste abdicates.
  • March 2016 Random abdicates, with no successor named. There is an earth tremor in Amber.
  • April 2016 Caine declares himself Regent for King Oberon. There is a second tremor in Amber and the Exchequer's Office building collapses.
  • August 2016 A minor tremor shivers through Amber sending a hot wind through Arden and disturbing the ocean's wave cycle for a minute or so.
  • January 2017 Lord Regent Martin of Rebma weds Princess Miriam of Tir. The city of Tir appears untimely in the sky, the wedding is reflected in Amber and Tir and a thick fog obscures Amber city for the night.
  • May 2017 Regent Caine falls unconscious and cannot be awakened. Gerard is named Prince-Regent of Amber by a vote of all acknowledged royals.
  • July 2017 Prince Caine is conscious once more.
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