Story-Scope Tokens

Things of "story scope" normally take place at a level beyond that of individuals. Armies, navies, vaults of treasure, political movements, and the actions of governments are all things that occur at story scope. Individuals usually operate at story scope by creating tokens that represent things at story scale, with Focus used to account for the level of personal investment needed to gather or influence those things.

Story-scope tokens can be used on the Flagpole, in a +token/battle Contest, or in a +token/risk story-scope conflict. There are four types of story-scope tokens:

  • Personal effort tokens
  • Story gift tokens
  • Resource tokens
  • Gossip tokens

Personal Effort Tokens

You can create a token representing your own personal efforts, at story scope, without using a Resource prop. Its creation will cost you 3 Focus. This represents only what you're able to do as an individual using your effort over time, and consequently results in a token that is less potent. The command to do this is:

+token/effort token-title

This will automatically invoke the editor.

Story Gift Tokens

Some gifts operate at story scope. Most of these are gifts that allow individual efforts to be extended to mass effect — for instance, ordinary Alchemy (ALC-AL) is used for brewing individual potions, but the Alchemical Production (ALC-AP) gift allows the mass-production of alchemical potions for use by entities such as armies. All such gifts are tagged with the story-token powerbit, along with token-0, token-3, or token-6. Use the +token/power command as normal to create such tokens:

+token/power gift spending Focus in title

This will automatically invoke the editor.

Resource Tokens

All resourced props can produce story-scope tokens; see the Resources entry for the details on how this works. These tokens represent the resources and efforts of the prop. Gifts used in the creation of a resource only augment any keywords associated with the token (essentially color); they do not grant any kind of special powers to the token (and if the gift is bonus-granting, it doesn't make the resource token bonus-granting).

Resource tokens diminish gradually in effectiveness as several months pass; by the time a year has passed since their creation, they are at minimum potency. (They remain useful, just not as useful as when they were created.)

Gossip Tokens

Gossip tokens are created by cashing out gossip; see that entry for details on how this works. These tokens represent social influence. As such, they are not useful for raising armies and the like. However, they can be useful in story-scope conflicts that are framed as contests of opinion.

All gossip tokens expire after a certain date that is marked on the token. After that date, they are not useful at all, as the strength of influence and opinion has faded.

Relative Token Strength

For the purposes of +token/battle and +token/risk, the following ranks the relative strengths of tokens from least to most:

  • Personal effort token; 3-Focus gossip token
  • Resource level 1 token; 3-Focus gift token; 6-Focus gossip token
  • Resource level 2 token; 9-Focus gossip token
  • 6-Focus gift token; 12-Focus gossip token
  • Resource level 3 token; 18-Focus gossip token
  • Resource level 4 token; 9-Focus gift token; 24-Focus gossip token
  • Resource level 5 token; gossip token with more than 24 Focus

Gift tokens created with a gift that have the shadowfind or battle powerbits are worth slightly more than other gift tokens of the same Focus.

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