RPG Credits

While the RPG system mechanics of this game are the original creation of our staff, a number of roleplaying games inspired the systems that we use on this game, and we want to publicly credit the authors and their works, by way of thanks. If you like our mechanics, we strongly encourage you to check these games out — they rock.

  • Bill White's Ganakagok, which inspired the four-buckets, counter-moving mechanic at the center of our War system.
  • Ben Lehman's Polaris, which inspired the structured-negotiation format of our Storybuilding system.
  • Clinton R. Nixon's Donjon, whose fact-based results system inspired many other RPG authors, and, ultimately, our approach to consequences.
  • Jonathan Tweet's Everway, which inspired the Potent/Versatile/Frequent structure of our Gift mechanics.
  • Rebecca Sean Borgstrom and Brad Elliott's Weapons of the Gods, which inspired the Lore sheets.
  • Brennan Taylor's Mortal Coil, which inspired the prop charters.

We also can't resist the chance to plug our own Evil Hat games, particularly Spirit of the Century (a FATE-based system, derived ultimately from FUDGE), from which we take a number of concepts, the explanation of information handling, and the multiples-of-three bonus system balances.

And, of course, we must credit the Erick Wujcik's Amber Diceless RPG, which started this all, and inspired the four-stats model and a great deal more, along with the various Amber convention games and Amber-based MUSHes of the past for much fun, many ideas, and many lessons learned.

There have been many past Amber-themed MUSHes, also, for which we, and others, have fond memories.

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