Realm Shadows

With the destruction of the Tir Pattern, and the continued existence of the Black Road's and Order's influence, the way has been opened for two things: shadows that used to have regular contact with Amber but stopped having such contact for various reasons, and shadows that may be important in Amber's future and that now have access to readily reach Amber. We term these Realm shadows. This is not an IC term; this is merely OOC book-keeping convenience. We divide them into "Past Realms" and "Future Realms".

Past Realms

Over Amber's long history, she has had commerce with many shadows, and been enemies with just as many others. These shadows have come to prominence and faded away for many reasons. Sometimes, the goods that were imported were of faddish interest and as the fad ended, so did the degree of commerce. Sometimes, a particular royal took a heavy interest in a place, but when their interest waned, the shadow gradually lost importance. Sometimes a shadowpath wasn't maintained, or it was actively broken by past events. Sometimes, Oberon had a place pacified, or raised it up to importance. And there is much more. The reasons are as diverse as the places.

Some of these places were particularly iconic. Many of them contain people of power, and places of power, and often are centered around a power source. The most ancient and iconic of these places have recently begun to be able to find their way back to Amber again. Some have found sea-routes or land-routes to the Golden Circle, via shadowcracks. Others have managed to get an ancient shadowpath to Amber working again. Some of these places have historical treaties with Amber, or ancient enmities.

Future Realms

The breaking of Tir has caused something very odd — an increase to the power of the places that may be important to Amber's future, but at the cost of having that place at least somewhat tainted by the Black Road.

These places generally connect to the Golden Circle via shadowcracks. They might or might not be places that Amber is familiar with. They generally contain people of power, and they may be iconic (if likely corrupt) in some way. A realm of this sort will generally have a power source at its core.

Creating a Realm

A Realm shadow will generally be associated with a new character, although we will consider requests by existing characters to discover a realm. For a new character, a realm will generally be associated with custom RPG gifts. A realm may exist just for the purposes of a plot, or it may be something longer-term; which it is should be discussed with the GMs when a +submit is done for it.

A new character who serves as the prop owner of a realm does not need to buy it as a personal resource gift; he will simply get it as a resourced prop. An existing character who is taking over a realm and wants it as a resourced prop, must pay points for it (the RES-PR gift).

All realm props start at level 1, if there is only a single character associated with it. We encourage players to recruit new characters associated with such props. If you are a new player creating a realm prop, and you recruit one other new character, you can have a level 2 prop. If you are an existing player creating a realm prop, and you recruit one new player to be part of it, you can likewise have a level 2 prop. If you are an existing player creating a realm prop, and you recruit three more new characters to be part of it, you can also have a level 2 prop.

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