Our Prologue is a month-long playtest before the "live" opening of the game. Please note:

The Prologue is not the live game.

The Prologue is not intended to be the live game. It's intended to be a test, and like all tests, there are distinct elements of artificiality in it. Moreover, if all goes well, the Prologue will roll right into open play at the end of a month of testing, but if not, it may be retconned in part or in its entirety.

Here are some key things to keep in mind for the Prologue:

  • It is of limited scale. (We originally intended for it to be just 10 people, including staff, but it's expanded to more than 25. This may turn out to be somewhat unwieldy.)
  • It is specifically for development and testing. That means that not everything will be in its final form, and indeed, some things may be in their nascent form. Players in the Prologue are guinea pigs; they are the examples which will be written up prior to the live game, so to speak.
  • Because it is for development and testing, you can expect that things will break. You can also expect that things will change, possibly drastically, as we determine what does and does not work.
  • As part of that, you can expect that at least some character sheets will change during the Prologue. You can also expect the composition of props, lores, etc. to change during the course of the Prologue, and that they may be different from what goes live. (At the end of the Prologue, you will be able to entirely rewrite your sheet.)
  • You can expect that you will be asked to test specific things, or we will introduce elements into play specifically to test specific things. You can expect the staff to be far more interventionistic. Some of these tests may not be much fun. Some of them may be repetitive, as we run the same thing multiple times in different ways to see what works well and what doesn't work well.
  • You can expect that staff responses will sometimes be slow. This is not because we're not paying attention or aren't spending a ton of time on things — but we are engaged in discussion and problem-solving, and in many cases, we will not immediately know the answer to something because we need to chew it over first.
  • Feedback from participants is crucial. As a Prologue player, you are, essentially, doing the game a service. While we hope that players enjoy the Prologue, its primary purpose is to test things out and tweak them.

Let's emphasize that again: Feedback from participants is crucial.

We hope that you enjoy playing in the Prologue, but because its intent is testing, by playing in it, you're accepting the responsibility to provide feedback to the staff about the experience. We want to know what does and doesn't work. In the case of "doesn't work", we want feedback on everything, no matter how trivial.

Important things to report:

  • Anything that doesn't work.
  • Difficulty finding the information you needed.
  • Difficulty understanding the information you needed.
  • Information that seems contradictory or contrary to expectations.
  • Anything that didn't work the way you expected it to.
  • Anything that you don't understand.
  • Anything that seems awkward or difficult to deal with.
  • Anything where a change would make something easier, more obvious, or lower the learning curve.

We will not consider you stupid or inconvenient for reporting problems or difficulties. We want to know about issues, so they can get fixed.

Thanks. Please send your feedback via +mail to staff.

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