Pre-Opening Phase

We are trying to accomplish four key things in our pre-opening phase.

1. Lay the foundations of our setting around what characters people want to play.
2. Run a Prologue to playtest our RPG systems.
3. Complete a reasonable percentage of our building.
4. Complete a reasonable percentage of our code.

Setting Foundations

Much as tabletop or LARP GMs might do, the staff of the MUSH is interested in focusing our game around the interests of our players. The elements of the setting that will be the most prominent are the ones that players have invested in.

We are interested in having conversations with potential players around what they want to play, and any background ideas that they'd like to see in the game. We expect that we'll work some or all of these concepts into our history. Note that you don't have to have a character directly connected to an idea in order to pitch it to us. Also, while we've laid down some setting concepts already, the details are still malleable and we can be convinced to change things.

You are welcome to discuss your character concepts with other players, and in fact, we highly encourage multi-player collaboration.

We are currently willing to discuss backgrounds for Feature Characters, and are accepting applications, but will not cast any Features until the game opens.

We are also currently accepting pitches for Amber noble houses as well as Golden Circle shadows. You must be willing to work with the staff and other Houses/shadows to develop the setting pre-opening, and to do the necessary building.

The Prologue

The Prologue is a playtest, that starts at the beginning of August.

Building and Code

There is quite a lot of building to get done. Please talk to a staff member if you're interested in volunteering. We can delegate you some already-gridded rooms to desc, or you can build an area of your own invention from scratch.

Code is being worked on, and if you're on the game pre-opening, you may occassionally be asked to guinea-pig for a code test. See the Code Updates list for what's being done.

Guidelines for Amber City Grid Builders

The streets of Amber City have been gridded out, and each street room has been given a very brief note on characteristics of the area. If you're helping out with doing descs in Amber City, you should do the following:

1. @desc the room with what the area looks like. If the room has been delegated to you, the command is +build/desc here = desc

2. If there are specific buildings in the vicinity set an EXITS attribute describing them with +build/exits here = desc You can use +build/ex here to view the exits in the room. Exit names will automatically be highlighted when a room is looked at, when those exit names are used in the EXITS attribute. (Room #80 is an example of this.)

All of the street rooms are done as intersections. Each intersection has something interesting in it — a monument, a statue, a square with street vendors or shops, etc. These are places where people might congregate outdoors; they might have benches or other seating. Feel free to make up bits of history and NPCs for monuments and statues — we'll work them into the game's background.

Architecturally, the city is a real jumble of styles, some of them fantastistical and some of them mundane. The look is that of a fantasy city with Rennaisance leanings, but there's a real riot of looks. Some neighborhoods have consistent architecture, and others do not. Think of what a movie set for Amber would look like, if it were a blockbuster summer picture — grand, colorful, always interesting.

The incursion of the Black Road has not made its way into the city, but there's definitely been a change in the atmosphere — the mood of the people, and what activities are prominent in the city. War supplies are definitely hot, as are all manner of personal defenses, and overall, the economy is on a war footing. Shipping has also been affected by the unrest in shadow, so there are periodic unexpected shortages and surpluses.

Guidelines for Builders doing Places in Amber City

If you are building a location in Amber City — a tavern, restaurant, inn, shop, etc. — we ask that you follow the Building Policy guidelines in this wiki. Keep the following in mind when you build:

1. What types of people come to this place?
2. Under what circumstances will player characters come to this place?
3. What is the mood and atmosphere?

Guidelines for Amber's Royal Palace Builders

The palace consists of a central keep (an original, older fortification) surrounded by more recent outbuildings, reflecting a transition from something fortress-like to a seat of an administrative government. If you're helping out with doing descs in the palace, you should:

1. @desc the room with what it looks like. If the room has been delegated to you, the command is +build/desc here = desc

2. Notable exits, including doors to various places, should be briefly described in an EXITS attribute, set with build/exits here = desc You can use +build/ex here to view the exits in the room. Exit names will automatically be highlighted when a room is looked at, when those exit names are used in the EXITS attribute. (Room #80 is an example of this.)

3. Where useful, set the exit messages (see +help Builder for commands), too.

The palace has a lot of places for people to eventually linked private rooms off, but for the most part, those rooms are salons, parlors, solars, etc., rather than being hallways. You'll want to keep in mind how people use rooms when doing your descs. Seating, tables, lighting, and storage (bookshelves, cabinets, a sideboard, etc.) are all important, as is the decor — props (knickknacks and the like), tapestries, paintings, and soon.

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