Player Comments 05/07/15 - 05/30/15


From: Maereina:

I agree with the general assessment that hidden CG/sheet material is bad. It makes it hard to know if there's something out there that would be perfect for your character. It makes it hard to know if what you're doing ICly even makes sense with what exists in the game's reality. However, I disagree with the comment that the Crafting tree is a bust. As a hardcore crafter, I've enjoyed it very much. That you don't have to pay for every recipe individually really makes it work. At the same time, it would be fantastic to be able to view the recipes based on which craft they are predicated on. And you should be able to search gifts based on more than their title.

Also if someone was suggesting that the Pattern gift tree should be diminished, I might suggest Amber isn't the right theme for that sort of everybody is awesome. Everybody is awesome but Amber is still about Pattern. There should be things the royals cannot do but honestly, not that many. I'm more interested in increasing the paths to awesome for non-royals than reducing the paths to awesome for Royals.

Ultimately though I agree with the basic premise of what was said, being unable to plan your direction because everything about the gifts is hidden is very counter-productive. If it's not a Feature locked gift, the information should be OOCly available. If it is feature locked, we shouldn't even know it's there unless it gets declared.


Carmichael pages: Oh! I totally forgot to submit this to the gift townhall, but I think PHY-KS is overpriced and should have a downside.
Carmichael pages: You SHOULD get overstimulated when there's overstimulation with your keen senses. I guess there's no downside, because it's a 10 pointer.

Date Received: Mon May 25 14:24:41 2015
From: Tara
To: Prism
Subject: Gift Commentary

Just an added thought: it'd be super helpful if the gift trees included some brief summary of what was meant to be in the tree. For most these are self eplanatory, but for some… it'd be nice to know what the true difference was between CHS, BLK, and EOC for example. All relate to Chaos, but what makes the need for the extra trees?

Date Received: Mon May 25 14:26:49 2015
From: Tara
To: Prism
Subject: One more…

If a gift previously belonged solely to a single PC, but that PC is dead/retired, could the gifts be unhidden and made available? :)

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