Player Wiki Set-Up

Wikidot lets you create a wiki for free. We encourage player-authored, MUSH-related information, to be put on Wikidot.

To get a address for a wikidot wiki:

  • Create your wiki, by going to and following the instructions. Use whatever name you want for it; something-r2a seems to be common, but it doesn't really matter, since once it's properly set up as a wiki, you'll never use its address.
  • Talk to Helix to discuss what name it should have. You'll want it to be short, and one word. Your new wiki, once Helix does the set-up and you follow the instructions below, will be (where whatever is the name). After Helix does the set-up, it will take up to an hour for the new name to be active. You can't proceed until it is.
  • Go to the Site Manager page on your wiki. (There's usually a link to it on the left-hand column of the page, but if you can't find it, it's admin:manage — you can go to it directly.)
  • In the menu column, there will be a link called "Custom domain". It's usually the third link. Click it.
  • In the form that appears, there is a box called "Custom domain". Type, in that box,
  • Click the "save changes" form button.

You should be able to access your wiki at

Player wikis are linked to this wiki via the "player wikis" menu on the top menu bar of our wiki pages.

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