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Pathi, City of Brass

Pathi is a city of sorcerers, far to the south, rarely referenced by name, for it is bad luck. They are a member of the golden circle, but maintain a mostly isolationist position, underscored by the fact that the whole city seems to be hidden. Notably, it is the homeland of Clarissa, and her kin are generally welcome there.

The people of Pathi are recognized throughout the south – fair skinned, red headed traders in boats of brass and glass that arrive in towns like gypsy caravans, selling wonders and purchasing staples. A Pathi flotilla is cause for celebration, but also for great care. All know the Pathi are sorcerers, and their ways are strange, leading to unexpected offenses and uncanny retributions when things go awry.

The way to Pathi is said to be hidden, even from the princes of Amber or the Sea Kings of Minos, though that protection has not always held. Oberon certainly knew the way, though whether he was shown or found it himself is subject to debate, and The Sea Kings have besieged the city at least twice in its history, but the way has apparently been lost.

Pathi was brought into the Golden Circle as a part of Clarissa’s bride-price, but it remains quite isolationist. Individuals and small groups, such as traders or curious students, wander beyond the bounds of the city, but they are only a small subsection of the whole population. On those occasion Pathi has had to field troops, they have always been small in number, but bearing potent magics that more than compensate.

Pathi takes few visitors. Without an invitation, the city is virtually impossible to find, and those invitations are rare indeed. One curious source comes from testers – Pathi Magi who travel the Golden Circle visiting small villages and out of the way places looking for children with talent, and offering to take them to Pathi for training. For many parents, this is a welcome solution for a witch child. Usually such children are never seen again, but enough re-enter circulation – usually as testers – to provide reassurance that this is a good life for the children.



Pathi is a city in transition. The location of the city changes at regular intervals. Sometimes it appears someplace in the Golden Circle, sometimes it is far removed from any known locale. How it moves and where it will move to next is a perpetual mystery, but there's some trick to it, since travelers who know it can find their way to and from Pathi with only some complication.

The city itself is divided into four districts around a central plaza. Each district is elemental in it's theme, and the plaza unifies these elements, and contains within it the sanctuary of the Sibyls, the oracles who offer their guidance to Pathi.

The Academy

The academy of Pathi is often referred to as a single entity, but the reality is it is a sprawling collection of groups, factions, building and ideas that touches almost every part of Pathi. In large part, the three largest components of the academy are the Academies of Brass, Glass and Iron.

The Academy of Brass is what most people think of when they think of the Academy of Pathi. It is the training ground for the mages of Pathi, an it challenges the Libraries of Karm and Chantris for the greatest concentration of arcane knowledge to be found in any world.

The Academy of Glass is the most traditional academic institution, and it produces scholars of every stripe. Notably, it's a respected source of knowledge on the art of Alchemy.

The Academy of Iron provides martial training, and is the home of the Custos, elite bodyguards, trained exclusively in Pathi. While the Custos were originally an order dedicated to protecting mages, over time they have become more independent, and charge top dollar for their services.


Brand is the Pathi propco; Morpheus is the propco character.

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