New Elements

If you're interested in introducing new elements to the setting, here are some things to think about.

  • How much of a departure from Amber's core themes is this new element? A single, one-off PC from a distant place who stretches the boundaries of the genre may be acceptable in some cases. Large setting elements (entire playgroups, shadows, etc.) cannot be out-of-genre.
  • Does this need to be a new, isolated element, or can it be tied to something else? Elements that can be intrinsically tied to Amber or near-Amber location (Golden Circle shadow, Rebma, etc.) are strongly preferable to ones that can't.
  • What is the core conflict of this element? What is anchored by its existence and what trouble is caused if it is damaged or destroyed? What, in short, is the play impetus associated with this element? (If you're at a loss for how this element could be in trouble, ask yourself, "What is the effect of the Black Road on this?")

We want to emphasize that we love colorful, flavorful setting elements — but when you come to the staff to talk about it, expect that we're going to ask you how the element is going to come out in play, and specifically, how it drives play.

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