Most of the public building on this MUSH is on a grand scale, which means that areas definitely sprawl, which might make it difficult for some people to remember how to get between particular places.

Getting Between Big Areas

The fastest way to move between places is the +go command. Type +go to see a list of places that it can take you to, and +go location to be teleported there.

Using +go is, of course, an OOC shortcut; it in no way reflects the travel times involved. But it does allow you to zip around the grid quickly, and it's also the way to get to the OOC room and back.

Getting Around in General

We recommend the use of the +zoom command (see +help zoom) for getting around. You can +zoom to people, as well as to room names, if they're in the same area as you. Zooming will move you instantly through an area, but if you would encounter someone else on the way to your destination, it will stop you in the room that the person is in. This gives you all the convenience of OOC teleportation without missing any roleplay opportunities.


You can get a map of Amber City via the +map command. Amber City is laid out as a grid; the colored streets are the north-south ones. Almost every room within it is named as an intersection.

If you're out in the city, there will be a highlighted (and flashing, if your terminal supports it) spot that shows you where on the grid you are. Type +map wherever to see a map that also marks wherever wherever is. wherever can be a player, the name of a street (wildcards acceptable, just like +zoom), or the name of an exit (i.e., the name of any connected building) in the city. It will similarly highlight that location on the map, making it easy to see where you are and where you want to go.

For instance, +map Eric will show you the street entrance to the palace (if Eric's located inside), +map docks will show you the Docks, +map Jack of Hearts will show you where the club is, etc.

We also have maps on this wiki.

Getting More Details about Exits

Exit names are automatically highlighted when used in the EXITS paragraph of a room — yellow for the out exit, magenta for exits that take you into another area, and cyan for all other exits. These same colors are used to show the exits at the bottom right-hand corner of the room description format, which shows the directions you can go from a room.

You can type +compass to get a graphical overview of where the exits in a room take you.

To automatically get a detailed list of where all exits in a room lead to, type:

@set me = _LOST

This will add this list to the room description when you look, or enter a room.

The Logic of the Out Exits

Typing out (or o) in Amber City will always bring you towards the Royal Palace (unless you're by a gate, in which case it'll take you out of the city). In the palace, out will always bring you towards its front entrance. In most buildings, out will bring you to the exit.

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