We are based on the Mudcore 1.4 starter database, but it has been extensively modified. (Helix wrote Mudcore, so in the end, it's all "our" code anyway.)

For those of you who are familiar with other Mudcore-based games, here's what's different, and not specific to our RPG, on our MUSH (up through the end of 2007).

Notable changes from the Mudcore base:

  • Most of the +bboard has been recoded and can now take Myrddin-style syntax also. You can now use an editor with your posts.
  • The editor has undergone a bunch of changes — regular +ed now does parse its text, +ed/lit is used to enter unparsed text, +ed/wipe clears out all text, +ed/spell spellchecks your buffer, +ed/edit shows the edited text, and +ed/proof also shows a wordcount.
  • Places can now be dynamic (referred to as "clusters", but the commands are the same).
  • +check/test shows the output of building messages in detail.
  • If someone has their MAIL_VACATION attribute set, you see it when you +mail them.
  • +knock has been rewritten. It's now much smarter about the situation you're in and attempts to guess the relation between where you are and where the connecting room is, and set the default messages accordingly. There's now a lot more flexibility about how knock messages are formatted, too.
  • +mutter has been rewritten. It now works like the +help claimed it did; you can freely mix people and places (as well as clusters) in your mutters. Also, a word in |pipes| is always omitted. A bunch of formatting issues have been fixed, too.
  • +shout has been rewritten. The formatting should now be nicer.
  • +where and +who no longer show the same person multiple times if they're logged on multiple times.
  • +3who now shows the same kinds of highlighting and colors that the replaced WHO command shows. Also, there is now a /i switch, which sorts people by idle time.
  • +zoom is much smarter about errors, and should always work reliably.
  • Improvements to Watches: +wt lets you talk to a place that you are watching, better +watching.
  • Global @aconnects and @adisconnects are now smart about reconnects and partial disconnects, and do the logical thing.

Major new systems:

  • Integrated character registration, auto-repassword, and alt management, including +altping to send a message to someone who might be connected as an alt.
  • Standardized "look and feel" to all rooms.
  • Builder system, for delegating building to other people without having to mess with @chown.
  • Tasks system (genericized, process-driven workflow management).
  • To-do lists.
  • Voting system.
  • Auto-follow system.
  • Secret doors.
  • Spying system.

Significant additional features:

  • +keepalive, sends output periodically to keep broadband connections alive.
  • WHO replacement, colors the WHO list based on where people are, and how idle they are.
  • OOC command, for speaking OOC.
  • whisper replacement, takes multiple targets (including places/clusters), with a cleaner format.
  • +broadcast sends a message to an entire area.
  • +tempname is used to let you temporarily say/pose with another name by default.
  • AFK management, for friendlier idle-message return when paging someone idle.
  • Fast easy mass-@chown of a room and its exits via +chown.
  • Temporary rooms via +temproom.
  • Colored ASCII maps with highlighted origin, destination, and find capabilities, via +map.
  • +areas command, for showing where people are gathered by area.
  • +public, for showing where people are, grouped by public and non-public rooms.
  • +look, quick overview of room and its contents using Short-Descs.
  • +time command for showing MUSH time.
  • +stats, "graphical" view of login statistics.
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