Mobile and At-Work Access

We provide access to the MUSH through a number of means for players who are connecting from mobile devices, from behind restrictive firewalls at work, and the like.

If you are a current, active, player, and you've got work-restricted access and/or are a mobile user (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) who doesn't currently have access to a shell account (SSH access), you can get a special-access account by sending +mail to Helix with your desired username (3 to 8 letters, all lowercase).

Using Your Account

Your account is:

  • Accessible via SSH or any browser
  • Running GNU screen, so your sessions are continuous and automatically resumed
  • Automatically connected to the game via the TinyFugue client

Please don't use this account to do anything other than connect to the game.

Logging In

  • Connect via an SSH client, or via a browser (see instructions sent by Helix, and devices listed below)
  • Enter your username and password (which is DIFFERENT from your character name and password!)
  • If this is your first time logging in, you will automatically be taken to the game's login screen
  • If this is not your first time logging in, and you're not currently connected to the game, type /world rta
  • Play normally

Logging Out

You can simply close your SSH application or browser window in order to log out of your account.

If you don't type QUIT, your character will stay logged in. This is useful for iPhone users, other mobile devices, or any instance where you want to close down the app without dropping your connection to the character. The next time you log in, you'll just pick up from wherever you were.

TinyFugue Configuration

By default, TF's "more" screen-paging mode is turned off.
To turn it on, use /more on — when you see the MORE prompt, use the TAB key to continue.
To turn it off again, use /more off

By default, TF's "visual" split-screen mode is turned off.
To turn it on, use /visual on
To turn it off again, use /visual off

To add a "world", i.e., a character, to your TinyFugue configuration, use:
/addworld nickname character password 6250
To connect to that character, use /world nickname
To save your worlds, use /saveworld

How to Connect from Various Devices

You'll need either an SSH client or a browser that supports JavaScript. You are strongly encouraged to use an SSH client if you can; only resort to the browser if nothing else works.

Browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Any JavaScript-compliant browser should work. Point your browser at the URL that Helix sent you. You should be taken to a login screen. You may need to resize your browser (it tries to display an 80x40 screen, so if your browser window is very small, you will need to make it larger).

iPhone / iPad

The best SSH client for the iPhone is iSSH.
If you want something cheaper, try TouchTerm.
Enter the hostname that Helix sent you, and connect. It should just magically work.

Windows Mobile

The best SSH client for Windows Mobile is Token2Shell Mobile, but it's very expensive.
If you're looking for a free SSH client, try PocketPuTTY.
Enter the hostname that Helix sent you, and connect.


The free, cross-platform MidpSSH client works on the Blackberry.
There is also free SSH client for the Blackberry called BBssh
Enter the hostname that Helix sent you, and connect.

Other Mobile Devices

MidpSSH is a free SSH client that works on mobile devices that support J2ME. That's a broad spectrum of mobile devices, and includes phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Siemens, and Sony-Ericsson.


PuTTY is a free SSH client for the PC.

If you can't install anything directly on your PC, but your PC has a working USB port, use PortaPuTTY, which is a version of PuTTY designed to be run from a USB drive.


SSH comes with the Mac.
Open a Terminal window (strongly recommended: use the "Pro" style)
Type ssh hostname (where hostname is the server name that Helix sent you).

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