Kill All The Lawyers

Setting ยป Amber Law

There are a few bits on the game, Lawyer and Bureaucrat notably, which allow a player to make statements about amber law and policy without checking with staff or the like. These are high-trust bits, and it is important to note what they are designed to emulate. it is assumed that Amber has extensive, often contradictory, law and policy, but it would be mind numbingly dull to detail it all. As such, players with these bits have the ability to basically make up old rulings and rules. It is assumed that they understand these rulings are interpretational, and that they are presenting them with an interpretation that suits them at the moment, but which does not make them big T True.

Since it has been a point of confusion, I'll state here clearly. Amber has laws. Lots and lots of laws. When we invite players to make them up, we are inviting them to cherry pick from those existing laws according to their needs, not suggesting that there are no laws save those created with gifts.

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