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As we get more and more concepts coming in, we get ideas that very much overlap with existing ideas, sometimes to good ends, sometimes not so much. For a quick and easy overview of what ideas are in play, consider this list of props and their associated keywords. If you have an idea that hooks into one of these, consider hooking it into the prop either directly or indirectly.

Feldane - Necromancy, Life, Death, Exchequer, Earth
Chantris - Air, Music, Words
Karm - Fire, Binding, Alchemy, Revenge
Dare - Begma
Sorgo - Salt, Diplomacy
Bayle - Wine

Alhambra - Arabian, Alchemy, Astronomy, Djinn
Begma - Magictech
Cibola - Aztec, Jungle
Jade - China, Japan, Gates, Tatoos, Geomance
Kitezh - Norse, Berserker, Viking, Russia
Lyonesse - Knights
Minos - Pirates
Pathi - Sorcerers
Rebma - Underwater, Lost, Atlantis
Sukho - Indies, Kayaks
Tanus - Vedic, River

Ghenesh Moonriders
Weirmonken Weir, Wolves

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