IC vs. OOC Knowledge and Actions

We have a "common-sense" policy about OOC vs. IC knowledge and actions.

We believe that most players are mature, fair, and can be trusted, and our policies are slanted to err on the side of generosity. By and large, we believe that people should be generous with OOC information about IC things. However, secrets are important in the Amber genre, and therefore certain things should in fact be treated as secrets, both IC and OOC. The trick is in knowing which secrets are dramatically important and which secrets aren't. The source of OOC information is also important.

OOC information can be used to create IC play, of course, and we believe that OOC knowledge can help drive better narrative and greater drama. We draw the distinction between OOC information that is being given away, and OOC information that is being discovered.

OOC information that's being given away — through bulletin board posts, +finger information, the wiki, etc. — is generally being given away with the goal of furthering play, and such information is usually intended for IC discovery (or at least to encourage people to discuss things OOC with the person who's putting out the information).

OOC information that you're discovering (via people's locations, OOC gossip, etc.) is, on the other hand, not fair game — that kind of information isn't intended to drift IC, and you should avoid that. This includes crossing information between your alts.

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