Flag Summary: September 2010

Amber Politics

Benedict's rule was marked by support from Chantris and a Corwin-backed coup attempt that was foiled by Caine moving thousands of troops into the Palace (a move underscoring the growing influence of the underworld). Eric was influential in the bureaucracy and the pay structures of several important organizations, and a great many people are paid better due to him. There was an orderly handover of power to Bleys.

Amber City

There were many reconstruction efforts in New Lyonesse, some better than others. There was a drain on trained labour and people with initiative, but also efforts to teach and support people within the neighborhood.

The Noble Houses

  • The necromancer Jabir's Blight affected the city, and was stopped by Feldane.
  • A Cibolan plague affected the city, and was mitigated by Mandrake and Lethem.
  • Karm's revenge on Caine for his attempt to tamper with a Portafada Gate led to Vosah's beating at the hands of the underworld.

Amber Economy

  • Bleys's wedding to the Duchess Karm brought an influx of coin to the city.
  • Kitezh and Lyonesse formed major new trade contracts.


The Moon Pass gate was reconstructed.


In Rebma, significant efforts are undertaken to rebuild in the wake of the devastation left by the destruction of Rebma's Pattern.

Political conflict between Moire and the mirror mages continues. Eric becomes influential in Amber. The Prophecy of Lir and Faiella is at hand?

Golden Circle

  • In Lyonesse, Albion is divided between the Black Knights and the Graal Knights.
  • In Lyonesse, there are many efforts aimed at construction and growth.
  • In Montevalno, Fortuna grows in size and import.
  • In Tanus, there are suddenly a lot of zombies, mostly near the city of Daro.
  • Weirmonken is granted its freedom, and begins the road to self-sufficiency.


Significant effort was put into building up Banyan's defenses.

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