Flag Summary: November 2016


Amber's Throne

Caine starts to replace old guard palace employees with new ones.

Amber Court and High Society

Flora rewards Syeira with a palace position.

Amber Military

The navy works on protecting Sukho from pirates; Carmichael is appointed acting Deputy Vice-Marshal by Prince-Marshal Eric. The army stockpiles emergency supplies in case there are future tsunamis.

Amber Law and Bureaucracy

Corwin starts appointing magistrate leaders. The office of the Praxis is created.

Amber Nobility

House Mandrake

Mandrake assists with emergency preparations and starts to investigate the oddities noted with crop/animal issues.

House Karm

House Karm takes care of its Arden responsibilities.

House Gozar

Gozar works hard to repair the damage to the Exchequer's Building and their reputation.

Crime and related areas

Some civil unrest in Begma.


The Arden rangers search for wyverns; experimentation goes on to try to determine what is wrong in Arden; Karm towers are reviewed and maintained.


Martin and Miriam are building their popularity.


Tara annointed a noble.

Golden Circle


Some civil unrest in Begma.


Work on the Kitezh shadowpath leads to two nodes being restored, but the path itself is still not stable. New Kitezh rebuilding is proceeding well.


A new leader in Cuchlia - Ciara. Lyonesse helps send supplies for the Amber emergency stockpile. Chantris lowers trade with Lyonesse, but Minos picks up the trade lanes.


Minos trade to Lyonesse increases.


Amber Navy increases presence in Sukho's shadowpath/sea lanes to fight off the rumoured pirates.


There is no real change in the metaphysical state of things.


Tara now a member of Banyan's Nobility.


Gozar, Karm and Mandrake seen to be working at their Duties. Also Miriam and Martin. Even Corwin and Caine. However the rest of the houses are quiet.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Tara is increasing the reputation/protection of the Second Mate pub. Gino is working to restore Dybele's temple. Reve has started angling to be the next Amber Mayor. Various individuals assist with the Amber emergency stockile. Syeira hosts a merchant fair and is rewarded by Flora.

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