Flag Summary: November 2015


Amber Nobility

House Gozar

Work continues on the new theatre for the Rose Players.


More gardening. Vulpine Hollow Missionaries recruiting followers for Vael throughout Arden, including the Bloodwood and the Blackwood. There seems to be a poltergeist at the Karm Manse.

The Lower City

Location selected for the new Rose Theatre.


Rebma agrees to host Minosian refugees if needed, and sends supplies to help Minos rebuild. Questions about Faiella and whether she is the next Prophet of Lir circulate. Princess Miriam seen to be making herself helpful around the city of Rebma. There is a prophecy about Rebma.

Golden Circle


Rebuilding a settlement in the new Kitezh continues apace.


Black Knights invade Brentinor, subjugating a number of villages.


Minosian authority clamps down on discontent. Many individuals and places send rebuilding supplies. Remi identified as Captain Tempest.



No real conversations about Duty.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Remi identified as Captain Tempest. Quina is still gardening. Marlene's Mustachio guys are of use in Minos after the storms end.

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