Flag Summary: November 2014

This is a review of the flagpole as of November 13, 2014.

Amber's Throne

Caine is appointed Seneschal. The throne bringing in supplies to help the lower city and refugees housed on the palace grounds. Random more or less situated as King.

Amber Military

Military forces again hunting pirates in the GC, as well as supporting the lower city rebuilding. Blue Hussars rumoured to be showing well.

House Mandrake and Lethem

Mandrake assists with the injured after the tsunami. Letham armed force rumoured to be in conflict with wild men near the Oisen.

House Karm

Karm assists with rebuilding; seen to be maintaining their Duty.

House Chantris, Karanis, and Solaris

Chantris visible helping with supplies for the lower city after the tsunami.

House Gozar

Gozar maintains their Duty, builds a lovely tower for Moonrose designs owner Zaya.

House Sorgo

Sorgo assists with bringing in supplies to aid recovery after the tsunami.

Crime and related areas

Crime families institute flat pricing on necessities for the refugees in the lower city after the tsunami, for a significant amount of time.


Significant gardening at the Eastgate Fire Break to remove the effects of the Black Road. Druidic influence to try to take down the Bloodwood countered by Mordred. Karm maintains their Duty within Arden. Vael begins an association with a small village in Arden. Julian has his rangers assist with Arden based supplies for the lower city.

The Lower City

Lots of resources brought in to fix the damage caused by the tsunami. Begman engineering still in play, working on the sewers and drinking water. New Lyonesse is the site of maneouvering by Igraine, Mordred and Izett.


Corwin puts effort into rebuilding Banyan, more than building armies. Mordred brings in additional forces, defending his turf.


Alhambran areas within Siroteph's control send relief supplies to Amber.


Ascolat begins working on a new port town. Dalt continues working on his floating city in Summerisle. Ascolat, Albion and Monsalvat angle to win over the New Lyonesse refugees.


Aurelius appointed ambassador to Amber.


Some of the Houses are seen to be performing their Duty, but others are conspicuously absent.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Catriona Karm appears to be slain in a duel with Mordred. The Rose Players troupe opens up a makeshift theatre in a ware house. Multooman Expeditionary Force makes a showing for Marlene.

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