Flag Summary: November 2013

This is a review of the flagpole as of November 15, 2013.


Amber's Throne

Random works to solidify his hold on the throne, but there is resistance.

Amber Court and High Society

The court ladies, following Princess Flora's lead, seem to be favouring Random slightly.

Amber Military

There is a lot of back and forth between opposing forces, some backing Prince Benedict and others Prince Random. Various grandchildren of Oberon take sides as well.

Amber Law and Bureaucracy

Benedict's supporters appear to have an advantage in matters of law and bureaucracy.

Amber Nobility

House Mandrake

Mandrake works on a hospital in Rebma.

House Karm

Dissension in the ranks. Some favour Random and others Bleys.

Crime and related areas

The Wartow and Bregari Crime Families are taking advantage of the general confusion to build their forces.


The Black Road at Eastgate is cleansed and a smithy/pub is opened, starting the renewal of a small village there. The rangers and Quina start gardening towards the Fire Break.

The Lower City

Support in the lower city shifts between for and against Random. The Defenders of Kolvir are targeted in a campaign to make them uncomfortable in their siege.


Mandrake works on a hospital in Rebma. Martin trains Rebman forces. The Cult of Lir appears to gain some favor.

Golden Circle


Gerard kills Surtr and Kitezh sinks beneath the waves.


Various kingdoms increase their military. Ascolat and Monsalvat work to rival each other in assisting the hungry and jobless. The Black Road seems to increase somewhat in intensity in Ascolat.



The Black Road seems to show gains in Ascolat in Lyonesse.

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