Flag Summary: November 2011

This is a review of the flagpole as of November 15, 2011.


Amber's Throne

There is some dispute as to the legality of the Regency, but this does not stop business as usual.

Amber Military

Military action in Sukho and Ghenesh, Amber high brass seen checking on wounded soldiers and families of deceased ones. Rumours of criminal infiltration within the Extraordinarii.

Amber Economy

The Crown of Amber is excavating a big pit on the slope of Kolvir overlooking the city.

Amber Law and Bureaucracy

Legality of Bleys' Regency continues to be questioned inconclusively.

Amber Public Health

Sewers are repaired, explored, cleaned up.

Amber Nobility

House Feldane

Rumours that House Feldane is not doing its Duty countered by sightings of Emma Feldane killing undead in the Lower City. Undead also seen in Minos and Lyonesse.

House Mandrake

Mandrake sends horses to aid the Military effort in Ghenesh.

House Karm

Karm cedes some coastal land to Kestrel.

House Chantris, Karanis, and Solaris

Chantris builds quarters for the folks from the Raft that they have hired.

House Gozar

Gozar locates an ancestral mine, excavates a big pit on the slope of Kolvir for the Crown.

Crime and related areas

Criminal activity continues, with rumours of protection rackets and military infiltrations. A killing spree in the Lower City is rumored to be ongoing.

The Lower City

Sewer and Raft cleanup intermingles with criminal activity.


The Sign of Chaos strengthens.

Golden Circle


Order is strengthened in Begma, and efforts against Kashfan sympathizers continue.


Military efforts continue.


Kite sympathizers bring supplies, but there are some working against the rescue of Kite refugees.


The Gra'al Knights are active, with Black Knights in Albion and others elsewhere looking to defend against any incursions.


Pirates and Captains aplenty.


Montevalno blockaded against ships from Kitezh.


Efforts against Soul Eaters.


A temple in Dvaraka is restored.



A new Menhir of Order established in Begma.


Efforts against the Black Road in Shadow take place. The Sign of Chaos is strengthened.


Rumours about House Feldane not seeing to their Duty countered by sightings of Emma Feldane slaying undead. Repair and cleanup of the sewers led by the crown.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Kestrel is building a port.

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