Amber's Throne

Gerard holds Court for the first time and appoints individuals to positions of power, dismisses the Army and reorganizes Defenders of Kolvir and Dragonspine Falcons.
The Guns of Avalon return to Amber and join the Palace Guard.

Amber Court and High Society

Corwin appoints Sullivan as the Minister of Mysticality.
The Ministry of Mysticality is looking for assistants.
The Royal Pathfinders are hiring.
Corwin appoints Ruby as Lady Commander of the Royal Pathfinders.

Amber Military

House Mandrake tempts officers and enlisted men of the disbanded army to join them.
The Crown reinstates the Army of Amber to active duty again, including all previous holdings to other Offices hereby reverting back to the Army’s immediate control.
Corwin stipulates Vice Admiral Ailith commands Amber’s Navy in Gerard’s absence.
Caine strikes a deal with shadow General Balexander to keep his forces occupied and in fighting fitness.

Amber Economy

The Cibolan shadowpath has become very perilous and unstable. Trade has been negatively affected.
Niles has been appointed the new Exchequer and has begun a full audit.

Amber Law and Bureaucracy

Praxis continues mass Census, involving aspects of the Golden Circle.
The Office of the Steward makes public some documents issued by Prince Caine.
The Office of the Steward retracts results from a Royal Election. Caine declares that if he is killed or incapacitated that Corwin will have the Regency.
Prince Eric files documents that claims a Regent does not have legal authority to name their own successor.

Amber Public Health

No flags for this period.

Amber's Waters

Maereina leads ships past the harbor and conducts a rolling salute to Captain Danger.

Amber Nobility

House Feldane

No flags for this period.

House Mandrake

The Duchess and Dragon General of House Mandrake are stepping up their training programs for family and House militia.

House Karm

No flags for this period.

House Chantris, Karanis, and Solaris

Ashby puts effort into training the youths of House Chantris in martial disciplines.
Ashby forms a personal staff from House Chantris’ Army Signal Corp.

House Gozar

No flags for this period.

House Sorgo

No flags for this period.

Church of the Unicorn

Crime and related areas

No flags for this period.


No flags for this period.

The Lower City

The Incredible Triskelion Adventures begins in Lower City Gazette, penned by Cela Eno.


The enchanted undersea city and the settled territories throughout Rebma are stirring with whispers that something blessed this way comes. After months of omens and threats, promises and twists, scares and attacks, new tides of change are on their way.
The return of Rebma’s Monarch in full. News spreads quickly to the waiting populace and beyond. In Court Moire bestows favor upon a number of individuals that helped restore her from her coma.
Bleys pays a visit to Rebma and is asked by the Queen to turn in Caine. Bleys refuses.


No flags for this period.


No flags for this period.

Golden Circle

Praxis continues a census of Amber and the Golden Circle.
The seas near the shadowpaths to Tanus and Begma are becoming turbulent and mariners are also claiming unexpected sights. Some ships have vanished.
Clive has visited nearby ports to hire on more ships using personal wealth.
The sinking of Pathi, turbulent seas, Tanus problems and maelstrom have concluded. Trumps of people in Pathi are working. Elements and magic misbehave in Pathi and there are sightings of dragons. A group of adventures suddenly appear outside Amber’s royal palace.


A blackened pyramid has appeared deep in the desert, surrounded by jagged spires of glass.
Prophets and Seers have a number of visions or dreams of a myriad of symbolic things.


No flags for this period.


The Cibolan shadowpath has become very perilous and unstable. Trade has been negatively affected.
An enterprising alchemist, Meztli, capitalizes on the shortage of Cibolan goods due to its unstable shadowpath.


No flags for this period.


Inhabitants of New Kitezh are working hard to make their new settlement livable.


Black knights are on patrol and more frequently sighted in Brentinor in search of something.


Moxon builds and crews a new vessel after gaining his Captaincy in Minos.


No flags for this period.
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Aurora makes a mysterious prophecy about an island’s destruction.
There is dissention in Pathi regarding the rumours of an impending disaster.


No flags for this period


The north west regions is suffering badly during monsoon season. Meteors have fallen to the earth. Brahmin claim disturbing divine visions in relation to sights of strange beasts, visitors, missing people, storms and phenomena.


No flags for this period.


There is no real change in the metaphysical state of things.


No flags for this period.


No flags for this period


Carmichael delegates Praxis authority to Melina Solaris in his absence.
Melina accepts temporary authority over Praxis, expounds upon the worth of the office and calls upon Amberites to assist in making Amber stronger.
Carmichael states that Amber needs dedicated people to pay attention to its Duties. Confirms he’s taking a leave of absence.
The Praxis taskforce is disbanded with the new incoming head of renamed Office of the Praxis.
The Office of the Praxis is renamed to Office of Special Investigations, commanded by Cedric Karm. Melina appointed to Special Envoy to the House.

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