Flag Summary: May 2016


Amber's Throne

Random abdicates and Caine wins enough support to declare himself regent without any bloodshed.

Amber Court and High Society

Corwin is made Chancellor and appoints Emma Feldane as deputy-Chancellor. Gino is removed as leader of the Hounds. Other appointments are kept in place. Flora hosts a meeting including Royals and Noble Houses, providing opportunity for all to discuss current events and volunteer to help.

Amber Military

Carmichael brings in flying troops to augment and protect Amber. Cadence is promoted to Admiral. The Navy is seen to be protecting Amber.

Amber Economy

The economy takes a hit, with plague showing up in the lower city.

Amber Law and Bureaucracy

Legal discussion about the neutrality of the Hounds takes place. The bureaucracy is not impacted significantly by the change in leadership at this point.

Amber Public Health

Plague shows up in the lower city.

Amber Nobility

House Feldane

Feldane fields an expedition to Cibola.

House Mandrake

Mandrake has a new Duchess - Quina.

House Gozar

House Gozar works on building the new Rose Theatre.

Crime and related areas

Prince Carmichael is seen to be fighting against slavery. There are strange deaths of animals in the lower city. The underworld murmurs about not supporting Corwin as ruler of Amber.


Vulpine Hollow appears to be growing and provides assistance to the Lower City for those impacted by the plague. There may be a ghost at the Hasp. The Warden is gifted a stick from a Kapre as well as some of Carmichael's flying troops. Various adventurers deal with monsters in the forest.

The Lower City

Plague in the lower city; Lyonesse, the Royal Ladies Auxilliary, and Vulpine Hollow notable for sending in aid. The Rose Theatre is being built near the Great Lift. Slavers targeted by the authorities.


Miriam is actively working to improve things in Rebma; she and Martin set a wedding date.


Corwin is still working to return Banyan completely to his control.

Golden Circle


There is a Feldane expedition to Cibola, but not much is know about what happens there.


The Kitezhka are still rebuilding their settlement. A group of Royal Pathfinders begin work on rebuilding the Kitezh shadow path.


Brentinor under siege by the Black Knights. Argent Meadows providing support to New Lyonesse.


Minos authority supports Caine as Regent. Rumours that Captain Tempest is sought by the Antikan fleet.


Chaos attempts to make a new landfall in Sukho.



Status quo.


Chaos appears to be mostly quiet.


Office of the Praxis created. Several Duties may be failing.

The Dreaming

Status quo.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Sinclair fighting with a ghost at the Hasp. Aurora makes a prophecy about angry shadows eating the light. Carmichael's flying troops arrive in Amber. Izett investigating the odd deformed births at local farms. Kincaid calls for a meeting of the Order of Clarity. Marlene working with the Ladies Auxiliary.

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