Flag Summary: May 2015


Amber's Throne

Random's hold on the throne is secured, for the moment.

Amber Military

Eric leads a military campaign out in Shadow against Black Road agents, with some success.

House Gozar

Gozar starts working on a new theatre for the Rose Players

House Sorgo

House Sorgo holds a Winter Ball and assists with supplies for the lower city


Gardening at the Eastgate Firebreak, Vulpine Hollow becomes known among certain circles, Druids working against the Bloodwood and a winter festival is held in Eastgate.

The Lower City

Lower city rebuilding includes Begman tech. New Lyonesse is being rebuilt by Lyonnes. There is a carnival to help those in need in the lower city. House Gozar identifies the spot on which they want to build the Rose Theater.


There's a Rebman Festival. Martin officially proposes to Miriam. Faiella has visions and nightmares.

Golden Circle


Minosian pirates are believed to attack and pillage an Alhambran port.


The Kitezhka work on building their new settlement.


Kallyn recruits followers in Lyonesse. Black Knights terrorize Cuchlia.


Nasty storms around Minos lead to refugees, some of whom are welcomed in Rebma. Many other relief efforts are noted. There are daring rescues and a feud between pirates and bounty hunters, which ends with a marriage. A Minosian pirate is rumoured to have attacked and pillaged an Alhambran port city.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Kallyn recruits followers around the GC. Catriona purchases supplies out in Shadow. Vulpine Hollow is protected by Vael. Hywel's Begman ingenuity shines in rebuilding the Lower City. Ethan takes control of the Order of Clarity.

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