Flag Summary: May 2014

This is a review of the flagpole as of May 15, 2014.


Amber's Throne

Random's hold on the throne is threatened by forces in the city and by rumors of fratricide.

Amber Court and High Society

Flora's Lady's Auxiliary runs some food drives for Lyonesse. Following in her aunt's footsteps, Amethyst also brings supplies in to Lyonesse. Random confirms Gilgamesh as Duke of Karm and Amethyst as a Princess of Amber.

Amber Military

Random and Benedict move troops in the lower city. The Knights of the Oisen deploy to support Random.

Amber Nobility

House Mandrake

Mandrake assists with the wounded/injured in the city.

House Karm

City of Doors library is indexed and then the city is sanctioned. Gilgamesh confirmed Duke of Karm by King Random.

House Chantris, Karanis, and Solaris

Chantris sends relief crates for the lower city, and Benedict's troops use some of the material to get them by.


There is lots of gardening going on in Arden; Quina gets assistance from Liyandra and others.

The Lower City

A zombieBleys is released in the lower city, throwing chaos and confusion onto the Royal succession. Mandrake helps with the wounded/ill/injured in the City. There is road work under way, of a Begman nature, in preparation to bring running water to all in the lower city.


Martin backs down on a deal with Corwin and Rebma prepares for war with the king of Banyan.


Mordred and Corwin angle for leadership of Banyan.

Golden Circle


A food shortage in Lyonesse leads to offers from Mordred and Ascolat, as well as from Amber, Argent Meadows and Monsalvat. Dalt gathers supplies to build in Summer Isle. Izett opens an Embassy in Amber lower city for Argent Meadows/Monsalvat.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Miriam makes a prophecy about Princess Faiella (the child of Corwin and Moire). Fomori settle in the land of the Giants. The Order of Clarity investigates rumors that Prince Gerard attacked some nobles of Amber.

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