Flag Summary: May 2013

This is a review of the flagpole as of May 15, 2013.


Amber's Throne

Opinion seems to be that Random is making a bid for the throne, but there is no obvious reaction by Bleys.

Amber Court and High Society

Random continues to be visible throughout Amber, particularly among the nobility.

Amber Military

Things are quiet on the military front.

Amber Economy

Property around the Dredge is being snapped up, providing an increase in economic welfare.

Amber Law and Bureaucracy

There are efforts to use legalities to curtail any possible attempts at Bleys' Regency.

Amber Nobility

House Karm

House Karm works on rebuilding the City of Doors.

House Chantris, Karanis, and Solaris

House Solaris declares Aneirin heir.


Work on reforesting the burn near Eastgate continues. Plans for rebuilding Eastgate appear to be in the works.

The Lower City

Land around the Dredge is purchased.


Martin is crowned Regent, Rebma continues rebuilding. Rebma opinion seems to increasingly favour Martin.


Mordred brings his own forces into Banyan, increasing Banyan's ability to defend itself.

Golden Circle


Erendira announced as Cibolan Ambassador to Amber.


Wealde's defenses improved. Politics between countries in Lyonesse.


Kaspar declares himself Ulfric.



Banyan's armies fight against the Black Road.


Stonemount wolfhounds returned to the Amber palace.

The Dreaming

The Menagerie becomes self-sustaining.

Individual and Miscellaneous Efforts

Gossip about Melisande suggests this Cibolan gets things done. Jira opens a small shop in Amber.

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