Flag Summary: May 2011

This is a review of the flagpole as of June 8, 2011.


Amber's Throne

Bleys's Regency sees the most challenge from Eric. There is a lot of talk amongst the movers and shakers of Amber, some of which is overcome. — Hg: I think this is fine.

Amber Court and High Society

Eric and Flora have been major influencers in the broader court, of late. The Regency in Amber acknowledges Queen Igraine in Lyonesse.

Amber Military

Amber has had some successful engagements in Ghenesh, and people are talking about the valour of Amber. Chantris appears to be making a bid for some leverage over the Navy. Bayle funds a new regiment at Baylesport.

Amber Economy

Amber's economy gets a healthy stimulus in the form of construction, training, and infrastructure improvements. International trade, particularly in luxuries, is strong, despite being punctuated by supply interruptions.

Amber Law and Bureaucracy

Differing legal philosophies are competing, and the throne may be what it's all about. People are talking about abuses of power, but the level to which this affects anything is debatable.

Amber Public Health

The plague is over, and there is speculation that the new Ambassador from Cibola, Itzcoatl, was responsible. The Sewers have received some much-needed attention. Various improvements, mostly in the lower city.

Amber Nobility

House Feldane

Feldane kills zombies, and buries the hatchet with Karm. There are a lot of undead of late. Some are wondering just where Feldane is.

House Mandrake

Mandrake contributes to public health as would be expected. Her troops are sent out to support the military efforts in Ghenesh.

House Karm

Karm improves relations with Feldane, forges a Dragon Treaty with Arden, and begins an ambitious construction project in Arden. This short-circuits the Throne as a middle-man, and is an indication of Arden's degree of independence.

House Chantris, Karanis, and Solaris

Chantris is very active in economic development and charitable acts in the lower city, and making an attempt to gain some leverage over the Amber Navy. Solaris and Karanis make some progress on their unique challenges. This has an effect on Chantris' popularity, as well as the functioning of the city.

House Gozar

Gozar builds and fixes stuff, mostly in the lower city.

Church of the Unicorn

The Church of the Unicorn saw a near-takeover by the Cult of the Horn, but they've since gone to ground… for now.

Crime and related areas

Amber's Underworld continues to make friends in the Lower City. It also makes enemies, and thus is a little closer to the surface than usual.


Arden continues to rebuild, forges some new alliances, begins new projects to deal with outside threats. All of this seems to be independent of the Regency and with the aid of Eric.

The Lower City

The lower city is safer, has lots of new buildings, and new opportunities for Amber's poor. Hope exists in the lower city. Many people have a slice of the gratitude.

Ashe Cairne

Ashe Cairne sets up a lucrative luxury trading outfit. Liam's barony is on solid footing, and is a Name in Trade.


Rebma is active in trading, and rumours of the Prophecy of Lir continue to abound.


Banyan has a new master proclaimed and fights the Black Road.

Golden Circle


Eric has been active in Begma, goading them to war with neighbors and turning them toward Order.


Cibola has had some infighting between the Jungle Lords and the Emperor's faction, and had some trade interruptions, but nonetheless has been very active in trade.


There are many factions in Lyonesse, working together and against each other. Albion's Queen Igraine is on diplomatic terms with Amber and is also supporting the Black Knights. A Green Knight arises, showing that the Chromatic Orders are active once more.


Several Minosian captains are popular in songs for their great deeds - not all of them true.


Fortuna launches its University project (still in progress). New and exciting trade opportunities through Liam's Ashe Cairne venture. Vicious pirates from another world raid Paloma.


The Academy of Iron reopens, but little else is heard from the secretive Pathi people.


Yami continues to make a name for herself through heroic deeds.


A new Moonsong Alpha is recognized - Kaspar.



Eric has been making strides for Order in Begma.


Banyan comes under new leadership, with Mordred at the helm. Amber reclaims some lost ground from the Black Road, here and there.


The public perception: Feldane may be faltering. Chantris may be looking after Amber. Mandrake may be working in the background as ever. Karm may be closing off Arden.

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