Current Status

We currently plan to open for general roleplay on Monday, September 10th.

We started character generation for the Prologue in the first week of August, and people are currently doing backstory scenes and so forth. However, we originally planned the Prologue for a tiny handful of players, and heavy staff interaction. A couple of key things went awry: we ended up with a ton more people signed up than we had expected, and the staff ended up largely out of commission for a variety of RL reasons. Also, a lot of people weren't entirely comfortable with the more ephemeral nature of a playtest.

So, we've decided to simply open, once a few things get done. We've already got a lot of non-Prologue folks trying to do chargen, and people waiting for the opening to start roleplaying, and we can evolve the RPG systems as necessary as we get feedback from play, so at this point, we figure that there's not a sufficiently good reason to delay opening.

At this time we are looking at the creation of larger props of the game, and taking pitches to that end. That primarily means the Noble Families of Amber and the Shadows of the Golden Circle. Rebma and Amber's Regencies (protectorate shadows that are near, but are not Golden Circle, usually places Amber has conquered in the past) are also fair game. When we open, we will stop taking applications for new Golden Circle shadows. We will cast Feature characters at the end of the initial story arc (the invasion, taking place right before The Guns of Avalon ending, that we originally planned for the Prologue), and also stop taking applications for new major Amber noble houses at that time (minor houses will still be available).

You can currently begin character generation before the game opens, but our focus until opening is on getting the last bit of general stuff into place. If you have questions or ideas you want to discuss, that is entirely appropriate. Just bear in mind that nothing is cast in stone until the process is formalized a little, and the staff isn't yet ready to handle a large volume of players.

We are taking feature applications, and willing to discuss ideas for backgrounds for book characters. Please see the details on Feature Characters for more.

If you are interested in building a Golden Circle shadow or creating a noble house, then please contact a staff member (type '+rwho stf' to see staff members connected) or +mail staff (a global mail alias) with your idea. We're very open to a lot of ideas, but we want to keep it organized so we don't end up with duplication or loose ends.

It's worth remembering that the role of the nobility and the Golden circle is much more prominent on Road to Amber than is traditional for an Amber MUSH, or the DRPG. We'll guarantee a kidbit to anyone who wants one, but the other roles are just as interesting and potent.

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