We make extensive use of color on this game.

If you aren't seeing any colors, type:

@set me=ANSI

Type look to test; if you don't see any colors, you are probably not using a MUSH client or terminal that supports color.

What Do the Colors Mean?

Broadly, the MUSH uses colors in the following way:

  • Blue - Borders and lines, essentially a dark, "decorative" outline color.
  • Red - Prefix of RPG messages, warnings, and an indicator of idleness.
  • Cyan - The general highlight color.

Green, yellow, and magenta are used for miscellaneous purposes.

Type +help colors to find out more about what the colors that you see mean.

Changing the Colors You See

The color scheme on the game is designed with the assumption that you have grey or white text, on a black background. If this is not the case, or you are colorblind, or otherwise have trouble with or dislike the colors, you may want to remap the colors.

You can change what you see for a color with:

@colormap old = new

where old and new are the one-letter abbreviation for the colors. The abbreviation for a color is its first letter; it must be lower-case. (This will also work on background colors; the abbreviation for a background color is its first letter, in upper-case.)

For instance, to remap magenta to red, you would use @colormap m=r
To change a color back to its default, just remap it to itself, i.e., @colormap m=m

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