Chat Channels

There are two chat systems on this game:

  • The comsys
  • The organization system ("orgs")

The Comsys

There are five chat channels that are open to all players on the game.

The first of these is the Public channel. This is used for general chat. This is the place to ask for roleplay, ask questions of the general player populace, etc. We ask that you keep discussions game-relevant, and take conversations that are just between two people to page instead.

The remainder of the channels are for spheres of character interest that transcend particular organizations. Anyone who has a character interested in a particular arena is free to join these channels; they are for OOC discussion and coordination of IC stuff related to that particular topic. The channels are;

  • City - General happenings in Amber City. Planning of social events and so forth.
  • War - The Black Road War and related play.
  • Politics - Political matters in Amber and the Golden Circle.
  • Trade - Trade and economic matters in Amber and the Golden Circle.

To join a comsys channel, use:

addcom alias = channel-name

where alias is whatever you want to use to prefix your message, and channel-name is the case-sensitive channel name (i.e., "Trade" is valid, but "trade" is not).

Note that if you want your alias to start with an equals sign, you will have to put an escape character in front of it, i.e., if you want an alias of =tra for Trade, the command is addcom \=t = Trade

The default alias for the Public channel is =pub

To talk on a channel, use:

alias message

i.e., =pub Hello! would send the message, "Hello!" to the Public channel.

To see who is currently listening to a channel, use:

alias who

i.e., =pub who shows you who is listening to the Public channel.

To temporarily quiet a channel (stop listening to its messages), use:

alias off

To start listening to a channel again, use:

alias on

The Organization System

Orgs reflect IC organizations, such as members of a particular noble House. All orgs have a three-letter code. That three-letter code is used by all the various org commands, and is also used as abbreviation for that org's chat channel.

To talk on the channel for an org that you're a member of, use (where org is the org's three-letter code):

=org message

You can also use +chat org = message if you like that syntax better.

If you want to stop hearing chat messages on a particular org, use:

+quiet/org on

To turn the messages back on, use:

+quiet/org off

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