Bloodlines in a Nutshell

If you're looking for quick help with a concept as it relates to gifts, here are the major bloodlines and their related abilities. Also see our setting summary for how this relates to play.

The Great Houses of Amber

  • House Chantris: Scholars, musicians, and shipwrights. Caretakers of a Great Library. Lore specialty: Academics. Gifts: BLD-CH; CHA tree.
  • House Feldane: Necromancers, duelists, and financiers. Caretakers of the Tree of Life and Death. Lore specialty: Politics. Gifts: BLD-FE; DEA and NEC trees.
  • House Karm: Monster-hunters, engineers, and alchemists. Caretakers of a Reliquary of magical artifacts. Lore specialty: Mystical. Gifts: BLD-KA; GAT, ILL, and ALC trees.
  • House Mandrake: Physicians, martial artists, and ranchers. Caretakers of a mysterious Vessel of disease. Lore specialty: Physical. Gifts: BLD-MA; LIF and DRG trees.

The Golden Circle and Other Near-Amber Places

  • Alhambra: Arabian Nights-ish theme. Djinn magic. Gifts: BLD-AL; ALH and JIN trees.
  • Begma: Magicpunk theme. Magical technology and engineering. Gifts: BEG tree.
  • Cibola: Pulp jungle adventure, Aztec-ish theme. Gifts: BLD-CI; CIB tree.
  • Ghenesh: Nomadic plainsmen theme. Gifts: BLD-GH.
  • Jade: Oriental-ish theme. Gifts: BLD-PE; JAD tree.
  • Kitezh: Russian/Norse-ish theme. Gifts: BLD-KT; KIT tree.
  • Lyonesse: Celtic-ish theme. Gifts: BLD-LY; LYO and GKN trees.
  • Montevalno: Italianate Shakespearean theme. Gifts: BLD-MV, possibly BLD-DY; ART tree.
  • Minos: Pirate theme. Gifts: BLD-ST; STR tree.
  • Pathi: High magic theme. Gifts: BLD-PA; ARC, MAG, and ALC trees.
  • Rebma: Amber's underwater reflection. Gifts: BLD-RE, BLD-SI, BLD-UN; MIR, SEA, and SIR trees.
  • Sukho: Tropical/Polynesian island theme. Gifts: BLD-SU; SUK and DRM trees.
  • Tanus: Vedic, Great River theme. Gifts: None (but potentially DIV-RV).
  • Weirmonken: Dark medieval; nightmares; werewolves. Gifts: BLD-WE; WEI tree.

Descendants of Amber's Royalty

All descendants of Oberon possess the Blood of Oberon (BLD-OB), as well as potentially another gift reflecting the bloodline of one of Oberon's queens.

  • Benedict: None.
  • Eric, Corwin, Deirdre: BLD-FA (Omens and Dramatic Timing).
  • Fiona, Bleys, Brand: BLD-PA (Sense of Magic and Steeped in Lore).
  • Llewella: BLD-RE (underwater abilities).
  • Caine, Gerard, Julian: BLD-ST (Weather-Resistant and Explorer).
  • Flora: BLD-DY (Ingratiating and Charming).
  • Random: BLD-PT (Underestimated, Fortune's Plaything, and Performer).
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