I caught my first glimpse of that sea. Beneath the deep blue, almost night-time sky, with that golden sun hanging up there in it, the sea was so rich-thick as paint, textured like a piece of cloth, of royal blue, almost purple-that it troubled me to look upon it.
Nine Princes in Amber

Amber is a magical kingdom, the one True Place, the center of reality, of which all else is but shadow. It is a land of majestic mountains, mighty forests, and roaring rivers; everything within Amber is remarkably vivid.

The Forest of Arden

I had never seen trees such as this, mighty and majestic, of a deep, rich green, slightly tinged with gold. They towered, they soared. They were enormous pines, oaks, maples, and many others which I could not distinguish. Through them crept a breeze of fantastic and lovely fragrance, when I cracked the window a bit. I decided to open it all the way and leave it like that after I'd had a few whiffs.
"The Forest of Arden," said the man who was my brother. and I knew he was right, and somehow I both loved and envied him for his wisdom, his knowledge.
Nine Princes in Amber

The Amber Countryside


The Seas of Amber

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