The Road to Amber MUSH

The Road to Amber is a roleplaying MUSH based on the Amber novels by Roger Zelazny.
(It is free, entirely non-commercial, and open to any interested players.)

The game is located at 6250
It can be reached via telnet, or, preferably, via a MUSH client.

Should the game be offline for any reason, there is an embassy at 6700
From the starting room, go E, E, FH, OFB, RTA.

Our jumping-off point from the novels is the end of the events of The Guns of Avalon, with complete story freedom beyond that point. As an AmberMUSH, we are strictly fantasy-themed, with the novels used as our guidance, but you do not need to have read the books in order to play — the Amber theme readily accomodates people who know little to nothing about Amber.

Please read our information for new players, and our guides.

This wiki is organized hierarchically. The sidebar on the left is a suggested order of topics. However, we strongly encourage the use of the search feature when looking for information. Don't forget the top navigation bar, either; it contains off-site links for information maintained by our players, including many other related wikis.

The Four Guiding Principles of Our Game

1. All characters are awesome. All players have the responsibility to help each other create that awesome.
2. Conflict mandates choice, which leads to change, which creates story.
3. The currency of play is Things to Do, and Interesting Meaningful Things To Talk About.
4. Drama and play creation trumps realism.

We embrace the principles of story gaming (external link). We're focused on the idea that we're all here to tell stories together. From the tradition of improvisational theatre, we derive a key player responsibility — create opportunities for those around you to be awesome (sometimes in triumphant, sometimes in tragic, ways). Although characters will be in conflict with one another, we hope that everyone will keep in the back of their heads that negotiation between players ought to be a little like being part of the screenwriting team for a television show — every character should hopefully get a chance to shine, but every character takes it on the chin from time to time, too. If you try to play to win, not only will you be frustrated, but you'll probably frustrate other players, too. If beating the other guy is what you live for in your MUSHing, this isn't going to be the game for you. Our world is cinematic, character-driven, and, for the most part, player-owned.

Two Important Policy Notes

We have an extremely strong respect for identity privacy. Unlike other MUSHes, players are effectively anonymous on The Road to Amber. The staff sees neither sites nor email addresses nor alts. Please do not tell staff members who you are on other MUSHes, and definitely don't tell staff members who other people are. We encourage logging on a Guest if you want to have an anonymous conversation. If another player asks you who you are, feel free to say, "I'd rather not say." We made this design choice in the interests of encouraging "clean slates".

We have an open feedback policy. The staff welcomes your input on how we can make things better. We won't always agree, but we definitely want to hear what your thoughts are. Important things to report:

  • Anything that doesn't work.
  • Difficulty finding the information you needed.
  • Difficulty understanding the information you needed.
  • Information that seems contradictory or contrary to expectations.
  • Anything that didn't work the way you expected it to.
  • Anything that you don't understand.
  • Anything that seems awkward or difficult to deal with.
  • Anything where a change would make something easier, more obvious, or lower the learning curve.

We will not consider you stupid or inconvenient for reporting problems or difficulties. We want to know about issues, so they can get fixed.

Please send your feedback via +mail to staff.


  • The townhall and player discussion of the gift redesign is closed. Staff are working on the redesign, but are still interested in hearing from players. Please +mail gms with any comments or suggestions that you have. Thank you.

Discussion Forums

Please contribute your questions and opinions.

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